Juvenile (Short)


Short Film
00:17:17, Color, Digital

Directed by Jovan Todorović
Editor Milena Z. Petrović
Cinematography Stefan Đorđević,
Jovan Todorović
Original Music Alex Epton
Sound Design Aleksandar Protić
Colorist Michael Rossiter @ The Mill
Production Emote films
Producer Bogdan Petković,
Jovan Todorović
Executive Producer Božidar Đokić

Juvenile communicates the monotony and hopelessness of a life lived removed from the outside world while showing how youth is a universal concept, with the hopes and fears of the minors within the facility being no different to those who live outside of it. But for all that the subject matter might appear at first bleak – particularly given the uncompromising visuals of the post-Soviet correctional facility itself – Juvenile is a hopeful film. Watching it, you believe that there might be a positive resolution and some sort of redemption for these teenagers, many of whom hold on to religion as a way of processing the reality of their life within the centre.