SOHNHard Liquor


Music Video
00:04:04, Color, Digital

Artist SOHN
Track Hard Liquor
Directed by Jovan Todorović
Director of Photography Damjan Radovanović
Editor Milena Z. Petrovic
Production Stink
Executive Producer Blake Powell
Head of Production Andrew Levene

Jovan teams up with SOHN for an intense, artful look at the circles of life for Hard Liquor.

Kicking off the New Year with a badass statement of intent, this is a black and white, high contrast look at the shapes that surround and trap us, sometimes without even realising, represented here in various ways from the introspective to the intergalactic.

It's a beautifully paced, minimalist piece that was shot in the director's home country of Serbia - and features a performance of volcanic intensity by the Croatian actor Dado.